July 26 - 28 , 2017 | Washington, D.C.

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Tapping Into The FY17 Budget

The FY 2017 Budget funds critical Border Patrol and Office of Field Operations staffing, equipment, and technology investments that enhance the capabilities of front-line officers and agents. The Budget includes funding requests for the following key investments.... Read More


Facil Recognition: Art or Science

Today, innovative facial recognition technology techniques make it possible to generate investigative leads regardless of image quality. Part science and part art, these techniques offer your agency the opportunity to cut through the frustration and generate higher-quality leads to protect. Courtesy of Vigilant Solutions.... Read More

Law Enforcement and Biometrics Market Size and Technologies

This white paper provides a brief, updated overview of the market size and technologies available for the law enforcement market in the United States. Courtesy of Biometrics Research Group, Inc.... Read More

Mobile Biometrics Market Analysis

This report by Biometrics Research Group, Inc. examines the growing drivers for mobile biometric authentication and a primarily mode of biometric standardization.... Read More


The Future of Biometric Technology: With U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS)

In this interview we sat down with Paul Hunter the Chief of Biometrics Strategy at U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS), Department of Homeland Security (DHS). He explores the current and future use of biometric technology at USCIS. He mentions that “Voice holds a lot of promise in the digital age,” and elaborates on ways that voice... Read More

Controlling the Waters Biometric Security at Port Everglades

Glenn Wilshire Deputy Port Director discusses with us the Federal Transportation Workers Identification Credential (TWIC) at Port Everglades, and what technologies would have an enormous impact on U.S. Customs and Border Protection.... Read More

Exclusive Interview with Acting Deputy Chief, Lee Bowes, USCIS (DHS)

In this extensive interview Mr. Lee Bowes gives us some of the major challenges facing biometrics at U.S. Citizenship and immigration Services (USCIS), his person-centric focused strategy, improvements in the collection, storage and dissemination of biometric data and how mobile biometrics can play a huge part for USCIS.... Read More

Biometric Solutions at the Ministry of Interior Czech Republic

Jiří Čelikovský, Head of Unit for Coordination of Schengen Cooperation and Border Patrol Ministry of Interior for the Czech Republic, touches on challenges the border patrol agencies are currently facing in the Czech Republic, future acquisitions and solutions that the ministry of interior is looking to procure to support operations, best... Read More

Exclusive Interview with the Department of Justice's James Loudermilk

James Loudermilk, Senior Level Technologist of the DOJ, is interviewed on how a mobile fingerprinting application would help the FBI, What rapid DNA collection and analysis technology would do for the booking process, what some of the key challenges facing biometrics in the DOJ are, and more.... Read More

Automation & Biometric Airport Security in the United Kingdom

Simon Wilcox is the Program Manager – Automaton of the Passenger Journey at Heathrow Airport in the United Kingdom. In our discussion he touches on:What Heathrow Airport’s next generation of passenger automation looks likeHow passenger automation is going to improve securityHow biometrics fits into security and passenger automationWhere he... Read More

Accelerating the use of Biometrics in Kosovo

We got the chance to catch up and interview Shkelzen Sopjani, Inspector General of the Kosovo Intelligence Agency. In the interview Shklezen talks about his experiences, challenges, solutions, and more regarding national security and... Read More

OBIM's View On Biometrics

Interview with Shonnie Lyon, Acting Director, Office of Biometrics Identity Management, U.S. Department of Homeland Security.... Read More


Requirements for Biometrics and Technical Support to Homeland Security Investigations

SA Rodger L. Werner, Unit Chief, ISIM, ICE-HSI gives an overview of current Homeland Security Investigations, facial/iris/voice biometrics requirements, and multi-sensor data fusion.... Read More

The FBI Fingerprint Program

James Loudermilk, Senior Level Technologist, FBI CJIS Division, discusses a 92 year national service for identification, criminal history information, and an aide in determining suitability for licensing and positions of trust, Five waves of automation took response time from weeks and months to minutes and seconds, and an important element of... Read More


Top 10 must-haves for biometric ID systems

Biometric identity management systems (BIMS) are changing the way people interact with their governments, businesses, and each other. Yet despite their rapid growth, concrete guidance on how best to architect a BIMS is lacking. This article focuses on the 10 most critical ‘must-haves’ for any BIMS, no matter its purpose, to achieve success and... Read More

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Ghana National Identity Authority Plan

We had the chance to catch up and interview with Josef Iroko, Head of Administration / Legal & Compliance, National Identity Authority Ghana. Download to learn more about Josef’s experiences and thoughts on national security and... Read More

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Global Biometric & Identity Perspectives

This exclusive package features information coming from Simon Wilcox, Program Manager – Automaton of the Passenger Journey at Heathrow Airport, United Kingdom, Josef Iroko Head of Administration / Legal & Compliance, National Identity Authority Ghana, and Shkelzen Sopjani, Inspector General, Kosovo Intelligence Agency. They will all also... Read More

Understanding the oVio360 Digital Identification System

Like any security technology, biometrics must adapt to newly emerging threats and evolving capabilities. The oVio360™ system stands out from the crowd by creating a 360°“living” profile that can capture multiple biometrics while dramatically improving the accuracy of real-time facial recognition in particular.... Read More

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